Comprehensive Solutions to Enhancing Your Company’s Security Programs

Our Services

Security Management Systems

Security includes a broad range of risk-based programs implemented for the protection of people, assets, and information. There is no “one size fits all”.

Our security professionals can design a security plan to meet the specific needs and objectives of your organization and may address a wide range of issues, including physical security, loss prevention, executive protection, investigations, event security, workplace violence recognition and prevention, crisis management and business continuity, visitor/vendor control, asset protection, protecting information and sensitive products, fraud prevention, travel security, supply chain security, insider threats, recognition/handling of suspicious packages and mail, and employee security awareness.

Risk Assessments

In-depth gap analysis performed of physical security needs and requirements. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of methods of access control, alarms, closed-circuit TV (CCTV) systems, lighting, barriers, fencing, gates, locks, psychological deterrents, security management, and guard force roles and responsibilities.

Recommendations will be provided to include best practices on how to best protect your employees, property, and assets in a cost-effective manner. Services can also be provided, dependent on your needs, for the detailed design of systems, the development of detailed bid specifications, technical analysis of vendor proposals, project management of the installation, and acceptance testing of systems.

If it is determined that your requirements include the hiring of a security guard company, we can also analyze and help determine safe staffing levels and training requirements, as well as leading/assisting in developing RFPs and evaluating bids in terms of costs and value.


Business Continuity

We can build your crisis management plan to ensure you are properly prepared to cope with the risks associated with conducting business in today's increasingly complex world. We will develop your policies, procedures, guidelines, and the BIA (business impact analysis), assuring an appropriate program can be implemented that allows for you to effectively plan for and respond to any technological, man-made, or natural disaster or emergency with respect to your people, facilities, information assets, reputation, and supply chain.

The failure to prepare for the possibility of an emergency may result in serious injuries and deaths, destruction of property and facilities, and the inability of your organization to continue operating at full or even limited capacity, so we strongly believe in a robust, actionable program.

Training & Education

We can provide a variety of programs designed to enhance employees’ awareness of security issues. Training presentations include executive protection, workplace violence prevention and response, active shooter response, how to handle bomb threats, travel security, crisis management, ethics, and personal security awareness.